Whether you have a family, run a business or own a home , car or motorcycle  in Pike, Wayne, and Monroe Counties or just love boating on Lake Wallenpaupack , chances are you need an insurance policy to protect yourself and your investments. Having insurance is the single most important thing you can do to protect yourself from life’s unexpected events. Insurance allows you to pay a little now instead of paying a large amount later.

There are many types of insurances available and finding the right policy can be a difficult and confusing process. As an insurance agency serving Pike, Wayne, and Monroe Counties for over 45 years, Pike County Insurance Agency has the expertise to guide you through the process of obtaining the coverage you require without overpaying for coverage that you don’t need.

Some types of insurances are required while others provide protection and peace of mind. Some insurances that may be required are home owner’s insurance, auto insurance, motorcycle insurance, boat insurance, contractor’s insurance and liability insurance, while insurance that provide peace of mind and protection from financial loss include, life insurance , renter’s insurance, personal property insurance and umbrella insurance.

Home Owner’s Insurance:

Home owner’s insurance can help protect your biggest investment, your home. If your home is damaged by fire, inclement weather, accidents etc. your home owner’s policy can help pay for needed repairs. Home owner’s insurance can also protect you against liability should someone be injured on your property. If you are taking out a mortgage most lenders require the borrower to carry a home owner’s insurance policy.

Auto Insurance:

In Pennsylvania all drivers are required to have car insurance including liability and medical benefit coverage. Additional coverage can help pay for repairs or replace your car should you be involved in an accident. If you drive uninsured in Pennsylvania you could have your license suspended for three months, have your car impounded and face a $300 fine.

Renter’s Insurance:

Renter’s insurance covers your personal belongings from loss and damage when occupying a rental property.

Life Insurance:

Life insurance can give you the peace of mind knowing your loved ones will be taken care of in the event of your death. Life insurance protects against loss of income while providing funds to pay for mortgages, household bills, debt, taxes, funeral expenses etc. You can safeguard your family from financial distress in the event of your death with a term or whole life insurance policy.

Professional Liability Insurance:

Some occupations including contractors and medical professionals require professional liability insurance to protect against law suits should you be found liable for damages.

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